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Well its plain and simple. India had tried long and tried very hard to get ICC to restrict Bangladesh to playing home matches only... depriving BD from all away matches. They failed to do that in the new FTP and there were also matches that were supposed to be hosted by India with BD. So this time they went shamelessly beyond all the sports-ethics and just came up with a stupid and lame excuse for avoiding to have to host Bangladesh. So many matches even between the stronger teams get played with unexpectedly low spectators all around often. If not this one... they would probably have come up with another excuse. But the moto is not to host BD. BCCI will be paid back for this sort of deeds one day for sure. It is a matter of time now.

BTW... I do smell 'bhara' showing up in this tread again... and hopelessly trying to justify BCCI's move even on this stupid point.
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