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Personally, I don't see why we should be so disturbed if we don't get an invitation to play in India. If India is going to send their team more often to BD, I can live with that. In fact I think that is a really good idea.

We need to take the wicket factor out of the picture and be able to win consistently against teams like India in the homeground. Playing outside the comfort zone once in a while is a good idea and we should welcome the invitation anytime one comes along.

On a separate note, we should play more often against teams that are less consistent than India. In my opinion, the two teams from the big league that we should play more often are Pakistan and West Indies. I think the current Bangladesh team is quite capable of pulling in victories against bigger teams if applied in the field properly. My 2 cents on the two matches against WI and Srilanka - we had a fair chance to win on both the games. We just did not apply ourselves hard enough. (I have seen both the games from beginning to end, every single ball on both innings) WI and Pakistan are easier targets than anyone else. Let's not get emotional, rather get more clinical in executing our strategy.

I completely understand BCCI 's point and fail to endorse Ahmed_B, Shujon or the others who seem to be complaining solely from an emotional point of view. End of the day it is a business venture. And what is wrong with capitalism?
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