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Originally Posted by Ganesh
Would anyone put his money on a loss making venture? Why is BCCI expected to do something like that for the larger good of mankind or whatever like that? BCCI is not a Govt run organization, so to say. They have to pay their employees and players no matter what. If BCCI make a loss, they cannot pass it to players and employees. If ICC is expecting BCCI to organize more loss making games, they who have to bear the losses instead. Or may be they should take a cut on the profit share in games that make lot of money. You do what I say and bear the loss for me is not an eptable model

It makes sense to both sides to play the series in BD at least for now. BD makes more money and BCCI doesn't lose.

Fine! BCCI can save their money. No problem. So will I. I just sat and calculated how much money I spend on Indian product. With movies, indian food and grocery it runs more then US $1000 per year. I can asure you that I am not going to spend a single dollar in Indian products untill BCCI invites BCB in India.

I encourage all the tigers fan to watch English movie instead of Indian musicals, eat English and Australian food (which is healthier) instead of Indian spicy stomach burning food. Avoid buying indian rice, spices, groceries from Indian places. Listen to Bengali and english music instead of indian cacaphony.

I wish millions of Tigers fan can restrain spending millions of dollars to Indian products while BCCI save money by disrespecting BCB. BCCI has every right to make money, and I have all the rights to spend my money wherever I want. Trust me it will not be on an Indian products anytime soon.
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