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Default Cleanup requests

If you have
  • accidentally posted a double post (or have seen one) and want it removed,
  • posted a post that you did not intend to publish and want to remove it,
  • posted/identified a duplicate thread and want to have it removed or merged with an earlier/more active thread,
  • identified a thread that belongs in another subforum and needs to be moved,

please list all your requests here.

Our admins/mods will check this thread for all such requests and clean things up.

Please do not use this thread to report some other poster's abusive post, or some other infraction of BanglaCricker forum rules. This is strictly to make cleanup maintenance easier.


Please also note that as an alternative, you can use the "report" button (that looks like this: ) at the top right corner of a post to inform us of the incidents listed above.

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