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Default Mpofu Vs. Mashrafee: Hand-Over-Ear Celebration

You guys probably noticed Chris Mpofu’s hand-cupped-to-ear celebration today. After taking every wicket, Mpofu cupped his hand over the ear as if he was trying to listen to the cheering of the crowd. It reminded me of French footballer Thierry Henry’s similar gesture in FIFA world cup. But the funny thing is—Mashrafee Mortaza replied back to Mpofuu. After taking Mpofu’s wicket- Mashrafee mocked Mpofu by doing the same thing—putting hand over the ear to listen the crowds cheer.

Here is a photo of the Mpofu vs. Mashrafee Celebration:

Mpofu Hand-Over-Ear Celebration
(sorry did not find a clear photo of the hand-over-ear)

Mashrafee Mocking Mpofu with his version of Hand-Over-Ear

Here is the Original Thery Henri Hand-Over-Ear Celebration
Photo Source: Getty Images

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