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I personally think that India had a hand in not allowing us to persecute the rajakars...this way they can always re-surface this issue at times of need to forment instability in Bangladesh.

And some of our Bangladeshi brothers still have heart attacks over the Ayubi style pakistani leaders of this age and before. To those people I say, why don't you grow some b_lls.

Can someone really guess here how many people in Bangladesh want to merge with India vs. Pakistan. If I could, I would kick all of your butts all the way to purgatory (my previous family generation did so in '71 with notorious acclaim). If I cannot, I will atleast want to shove it up the larger of the two groups. And we certainly know which group is larger.

Time that some of you deshis puckered up and gave the raw deal to the cross border hindustani facists.