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India helped Bangladesh in 1971, due to three reasons.
1) Self interest
2) it had to exercise its power in the region.
3) Humanatiran.

were they right in helping Bangladesh then, i would say yes.
As bangladeshis we owe a lot to india because of their help during our independence. if India would not help us during the war, I doubt we would gain independence by 75 if not all at all and it is fair that our loyalty to India is being questioned.

However, the anti -india feelings do arise because of India's attitude towards its neighbors. They think of themselves as superiors to their neighbors and act extremely arrogant. Is that the right thing to do, is the question the article should be asking.

Kabir bhai, about the farrakha dam. I understand that there are political reasons for doing so, but there are dams within india which does the exact same thing. like the naramada river which flos thru maharashatra gujrat and madhya pradesh. So there is probably more to it thatn international politics.