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Originally Posted by al Furqaan
india broke into 2 pieces their arch just so happened that in doing so, we got our independence. we should be thankful that happenstance chose to be on our side...we don't owe the indians anything, their help was not for us, it was for themselves. it wasn't genuine...the general indian attitude towards us will tell you that much. they can't even liberate kashmiris within their own border. liberated bangladesh, my azz.
It is wrong to say that their attitude towards our independence was not genuine. They did have self interests and they did have humanitarian reasons for helping Bangladesh get independence. The problem is that all these reasons are so fudged up taht it is difficult to ascertain whether they were genuine at all. i believe there was some level of gunuineness, and some level of self interest. And i agree to the fact about indian attitude towards us. However i disagree that we do not owe anything to India. they did allow people to move to India duringt he war and provide atleast sth for them.

On another note, isn't the article asking whether India did the right thing?