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Default Rajin Saleh

al Furqaan

I don't know if I agree with you completely. I don't think he is a no.3 test bat material. He never was. One of the main ingredients a no.3 has to have is positive intent, a natural strokeplaying ability that will enable the batsman to take the attack to the bowlers, something Bashar has done very well for us in tests. On numerous ocassions, he has bailed us out of torrid situation with his aggressive innings, though he doesn't have the technique that is demanded from that position. He was successful beacuse of his intent and he did it everywhere. You must have that, more so than having impeccable technique. Rajin bats at no.4 or no.5 in tests and he should not bat higher or lower than that. He should play in tests based on his past performances ( against Australia last ) and hasn't done anything to get ditched from the test team yet. I am eager to see him do well outside of Bangladesh, so he can solidify himself in our middle order. I do like the mental aspect of his game though he needs to improve upon his stroke play, which is a bit too limited, and his technique against the moving ball leaves a lot to be desired.
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