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Great post Fazal bhai. Funny how I agree with you in almost every single players. Just want to mention, Kapali wasn't that bad this year and performed okay whenever he got a chance but I am happy with the current team and how they are performing. It will be almost a crime to rate Rana higher than Razzak in terms of bowling. I totally agree how you saw Ash's situation. He really look natural at number 6 and can play without any pressure. I will leave him there for a while and then maybe promote him at number 5 but maybe finally, we've found a right spot for him.

As much as I like Rajin for his hard work and determination, he is no number 3 in test team for Bangladesh. I've always felt Aftab should bat at number 3 as he has the right technique to face any fast bowler and can take the attack to the opposition. Eventhough some people are mentioning how Golla and Rajin are still in the test team, just want to say they are still in the team because we haven't played one in nearly a year. By the time, we play our next test match, Sakib and Mehrab will get a place by default. I hope so.

Again, great post. Definately a front page material. Cheers!!!
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