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Originally Posted by Tigers_eye
When playing chess each moves must have a reason. Playing politics is the same. Bush has his agenda for the next two years, so does the majority party. Fighting in all fronts would force Bush admin to defend rather than trying to implement their own agendas. These moves are well calculated.
Two years only? Don't be silly.

You're right about keeping them on the run. As long as they're on the run, they're gonna have to defend themselves. I think this bill won't go much further, but then never know what will happen in the US. Many (if not most) thought they wont' end up going to the war in Iraq, but they eventually did.

IMO, this bill has the potential to charge these idiots using some loopholes. And violations of constitutions, foreign policies, Acts, and what not, should allow impeachment of the president in any constitution (which, then again, is the exact argument that's debated here). The immense power that Bush has through his chamchas, chelas, and gurujons, he might just be able to sneak out of it, though.
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