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Originally Posted by Miraz
I am proposing a new menu, 'archive' which will have tow sub section domestic and international.

Match highlights of every domestic match (DPL, NCL, Twenty20) and International match (involving Bangladesh, Bangladesh A and Academy team) will kep there for records.
Actually, these templates exist and are all under "Tour". We had temporarily commented out some of them from the menu because they were all partially filled templates. This was one of the reasons why we were inducting all the new members to help fill in the blanks. Do remember staff designation is a recognition that these volunteers are putting in the extra effort to build out the site. Now anyone can help out. If they do not want to be staff it is their prerogative but that does not mean one cannot help being a mere member.


These are the sections I have temporarily commented out:

A-Team coverage:
Age Group coverage:

The history section also has coverage on historical tours that does not quite belong in the above categories, such as MCC or Hyderabad Blues tours of the early days.

We already have the place. All we need are dedicated fans to put flesh them out.
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