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Originally Posted by Hatebreed
Yes, we seem to have too many staff and mods anyway. It's like 1 policeman per citizen lol
Sorry to burst your bubble but staff are not coppers.

More seriously, they are the special class volunteers who have answered the call to help out with the content of BC. If they wish, the "staff" designation is an acknowledgment. One can be a street cricketer and still be of immense help to the site.

Speaking about mods - unless they have multiple roles, they may not have anything to with administration and management of other portions of this site. Mods are chosen to the forums and the forums only in a smooth and friendly manner. It so happens many mods here also have other responsibilities on BC and as such it may seem confusing as to who does what. Mods are cops, they are not the IT folks or the Journalists or ... Of course, sometimes the same person wears multiple hats.

It may seem there are a preponderance of mods but remember they all have their day jobs and other lives. At times X, Y or Harry may not be around for a while. The numbers just help ensure that forums operate in a pleasant fashion and things do not get out of hand.

Admins have de facto moderating privileges by virtue of designation but they are not normally in the business of moderation unless something extremely egregious catches their eye.
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