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Originally Posted by Tigers_eye
Can someone enlighten me, please!!

1. US and other institution has declared that without the participation of the major parties the election would not recognized.

2. Awami League, Jatio Patry (Ershad), LDP (part) etc. did not want to participate. Hense the the election would not be complete.

Now why the non participants are trying to block the election which would not be recognized by major institution?

Why are they destroying public and private property? In which logic these action fairs well for the long run for their parties?
Good question. But as anything else in Bangladesh Politics the way these politicians work 2 plus 2 always doesn't make it 4. Its possible that they think they need to show the opponent who is the real boss here? Or its continuation of personal grudge between these two madams?

Why I mentioned about these two parties? Because in the same context the following question can be asked to BNP/Iajuddin also:

Assuming it will be an internationally unrecognized election (as you stated in my understading reading your comment):

then Why are they (BNP/Iajuddin ) wasting public resources try to have a election and driving the nation to clear collision even the interational institution declared it without the participation of the major parties the election would not recognized?

See there are lots of Why questions in both sides, and they are all depended with each other like a chess game. Unless these two major parties sit together and resolve this issue for the sake of the country, there will be lots of why questions un-answered in both sides for the general public.

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