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From dristipat

Originally Posted by drstipat -Administrator
Update from Farhan (Nazim Farhan Choudhury ) in Dhaka:
Story so far: UN Sec Gen’s representatives announced today that the upcoming election will not be legitimate and withdraw all assistance to the process. Army rank and file, rightly deduced that a illegitimate election = illegitimate government and hence no recognition from UN and hence no peacekeeping duty. That acted as a catalyst to get the supreme leaders do go to Bangabhaban and as the President to call for emergency.

Likely next steps: El Presidente will resign as head of CG and remaining advisers asked to resign. Then the “President” will appoint a new CG head and set of advisers. A reshuffle of the EC is in the cards. Election in 3 to 6 months. I believe Chief want to leave earliest but has got sanction that to ensure that a proper and acceptable election to take place they can take up to 6 months. UN, US, EU will make the requisite mumblings but not impose any sanctions. details
Things ae very uncertain whats going to happen next. There are all sorts of rumors everywhere. Lets see whether he is right in his prediction.

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