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Originally Posted by babubangla
Another way is to ask the two major alliances to submit list of 100 peoples for the CA post in a sealed envelope. There has to be a match somewhere!!

Who I'm kidding...they will submit names like Falu, Mirja Abbas, Pintu, Hazi Selim, Mofazzal Maya etc. as their list of "Non-Party", "Neutral" nominee for CA.

More seriously all we can do is wait and watch. At least Mr. Iajuddin has stepped down from the post of CA so that is a step in the right direction. He had to call state of emergency. I dont think anyone can or should say that was wrong. The way the AL was damaging public and private property, the number of people getting killed and hurt due to these oborodhs and all, this was very required. If the AL went into election right after BNP handed over power then they would have won this one because people were fed up with BNP's corruption. Now the situation is very different. All the hartals and jalao purao of AL has brought back memories of AL tenure in 96, so I think the BNP has been the more clever party politically. They just levelled the field for election. Both these party need a major overhaul in their leadership barring which they will very soon become extinct.
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