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Originally Posted by Miraz
Babu bhai, calling in bad names by a faction of people does not make a man worse.

I know Iajuddin personally as a University teacher, he is a good man with integrity.

Any person in similar situation when two nasty political parties are 180 degree opposite in their views and ready to destroy the country by any means would have faced the same fate (if he was the president). They only sin of Iajuddin was that he was nominated and elected by BNP.
I understand Miraz Bhai..and so added the foot note on the original post.
The point is: this is not the first time the two nasty political parties are 180 degree opposite in their views. There were 3 other CA before him and no one acted like him. He WAS a respected person...but he allowed BNP to use him as a puppet. If you were in his position....I am 500% sure that you would not do the same thing he did.

After acting as a factor in creating this political turmoil....he deserves some bad name.
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