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Originally Posted by Fazal
Interesting that Al and Ershad attended and BNP boycotted the ceremony. Fakhruddin Ahmed is very well known in bangladeshi community living in Washington DC/Maryland/VA area and well connected with US politicians. I think he also worked for World Bank. As far as I know if he has any biasness towards any party (which is normal and nothing wrong about it unless he abuses it), then its more towards BNP than any party. Moreover its BNP who offered him the BD Bank Governor job.

Then why BNP boycotted the ceremony? I am pretty sure its not because of Fakhruddin as a candidate (CA), but rather showing that they are not happy with the current development i.e resignation of Iajuddin, delaying the elections, future revamping the EC and voter list.
Thank's Fazal for detail information on new CA Fakhruddin Ahmed.

Whatever the reason is … it's very disrespectful to those who tried so hard for a solution, who sacrificed ( people ) a lot out of this situation etc.. BNP could have send someone as representative to show some respect and honor. But yes these are our politicians true color.

btw:the rumor (from dristipat) is Prof U was first offered, but he had some precondition demand that Iajuddin government didn't satisfied. So he rejected.
I also guessed something like that when I first saw the name Fakhruddin Ahmed. Since Mr. loser is still our president, we might have another late night drama to watch … better Dr. Yunus stays as our ultimate resource.

Anyway I am hopeful with new CA and wish we move forward in a peaceful manner this time, so far it's looking good.
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