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Originally Posted by Sorry
To achieve a true democracy in a country, most citizens need to understand it first and the first criteria to qualify to understand it is education and awareness. That begins from the root of the society- when all citizens are aware of their rights and exercise them promptly. It is possible for a country where a democratic top-level government is running year in year out, but that is never going to be a stable democracy. Ordinary citizens play a vital role in running and maintaining a smooth and stable democratic country. In a country where most citizens are unaware of their basic rights- food, education, health care, employment etc. and those have never been the key issues for blockade and hortal, other than getting into the power, one can question the usefulness of democracy in that country. And those issues will never be addressed either by government or ordinary citizens as priority where key elements for democracy are missing.
Politics in BD is to get into the power and enjoy the wealth, not the welfare of the country and its citizens. Until all citizens and leaders understand that true welfare, democracy in Bangladesh is a “Jonakir Alo”
Nicely said, though I term citizens as hostage.
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