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Originally Posted by Miraz
Fazal, stop branding Fakhruddin Chy as a pro BNP without proper evidence. Working during BNP tenure does not necessarily make a civil servant pro BNP.

He was appointed as BB governor amid some major financial reform. He was the right person that time as he had vast knowledge and expertise as a World Bank high up.
Miraz stop giving me advice without reading my comments. I know Mr. Fakhruddin a little bit and saw him more than dozen of times in local parties in DC parties. I know what I am talking. Its obvious he has some BNP connection. My dad and Mr. Fakhruddin have common friends in DC area. Before going back to Bangladesh in 2001, he was already very accomplished individual.

Now does it (his probable bioasness towards BNP) makes him unqualified? Not by default, as every one by default have some kind of biasness towards one party or another, and thats nothing bad about that.

So please relax and think before giving lecture to other members.

btw thanks rupantor for pointing out my comments.

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