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Fall of another Wicket!!
Mokhlesur Rahman Chowdhury, the BNP/Iajuddin-Protected Press Adviser, resigned Friday Afternoon.
He said he thought it was not proper for him to continue with the job, without giving further details.
Source: BDnews24

Someting from the Past
Mokhlesur now an adviser with state minister's rank
President Iajuddin Ahmed appointed his controversial Press Secretary Mokhlesur Rahman Chowdhury as an adviser with the rank and status of a state minister. Mokhlesur was politically appointed to the president's press secretary post during the immediate past BNP regime. A handout from the Cabinet Division disclosed the appointment without saying which portfolio he received. The appointment, however, raised confusion and legal questions, as the caretaker government already has 11 advisers with the president as its chief. "The president has no jurisdiction to appoint more than 10 advisers," said Barrister Tanjib ul Alam, "A clear violation of the constitution," he added. Awami League (AL) Publicity Secretary Asaduzzaman Noor said they would lodge a protest against the appointment. "He is appointed with ill intentions," said Noor, adding that Mokhlesur was appointed politically by the BNP regime. Political parties have been demanding the cancellation of all political appointments, Noor said. BNP gave the appointment to Mokhlesur in the office of the president to have access to information about the council's decisions and other state related matters, he added. Meanwhile, several advisers to the caretaker government expressed their annoyance at Mokhlesur's attending the meeting of the advisers' council, a violation of the rule, as he is the press secretary to the president, sources said. Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) recently accused Mokhlesur for despatching information by attending the council meetings. -The Daily Star, November 14.

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