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Default Heres another:

Well here is another one involving another dumb blonde. This time our blonde friend is a train driver. This is what happens on an ordinary day at work:

Basically there is a stretch of straight railway track for miles... The raiway track goes as such

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

But unfortunately our blonde friend drives the train as such:


She makes the train swerve on and off the track.

This makes all the passengers very sick, some vomit some even manage to do without a bathroom and are forced to use their pants (figure that one out).

Next day the the company she works for calls her for an investigation. The manager asks:

"Why did you drive the train in such fashion that the passengers become sick and crap their pants?"

She replies:

"Sir there was a man on the railway track"

"So why did you not run him over?", asks the manager.

So she replies:

"Sir thats what I was trying to do..."
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