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Originally Posted by imran78
wong forum for this topic. someone should move it to forget cricket. seriously that game doesnt even hav a bangladesh league even though it has leagues for every other test playing country.

and theres a saying.."a thief thinks everyone else is a thief." someone who calls others stupid is a _________ ? (fill in the blanks)
Your a talent. Firstly I typed that Mods are free to move this thread and why I put it in BanglaCricket. Forget cricket? Battrick is based on CRICKET. Argh!

Who cares if it don't have BD? How many of us are living in BD in this forum? Compare it to the amount of people living overseas.

For the people who ARE living in BD, is it that hard to join a league in india? One hole in the system aint good enough to put you off the whole game.

Your implying I'm stupid? What good is this doing to me huh? I'm just doing it for your better.

That saying is absolute crap. Someone who calls others stupid is a stupid? I don't even know you guys personally how could you take that judgement seriously. It was just there to egg you on.

Get an education mate.
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