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Originally Posted by Yameen
shAhriyar, u seem to know it all, so give me the proof which suggests my unc has taken all this so called me a receipt, i want to see it formyself, but am tellin u this, ma manz innocent, he has been checked before by the bnp goverment and not a single penny had been found..same will happen this time..100% sure..

rite, am goin bak to count ma dollars now..inabit..
Mohammad Nasim
Senior Awami League (AL) leader Mohammad Nasim was widely reported to have been involved in corruption when he was a cabinet member of the AL government during 1996-2001.
He was the minister for home affairs, post and telecommunications, and housing and public works ministries during the AL government's tenure.
The BNP-Jamaat government, after assuming office following the 2001 elections, filed three cases accusing Nasim of being involved in corruption as a minister of post and telecommunications ministry. But he was also allegedly involved with corruption in the Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Housing and Public Works.
A charge sheet was submitted on June 13, 2002 accusing Nasim of misappropriating public money by illegally appointing a consultant in the 3,00,000 digital telephone installation project. The World Tel Holdings Ltd was installing the phone lines. The charge sheet pointed out that Nasim appointed consultant for the project without tender notices and influenced the consultant to recommend World Tel for the job.
A charge sheet, submitted against Nasim on August 3, 2002, accused him of approving a work order to provide 2,00,000 personal handy phone system by the Bangladesh Telephone and Technology Private Ltd, ignoring recommendations of the T&T Board.
Another case accused him of being involved in misappropriating Tk 131.18 crore in installing digital telephone exchanges in different districts.
The High Court suspended the trial of these cases.
Besides, Nasim allegedly made brisk money by taking bribes for promotions and transfers in the police department.
Many AL leaders believe Nasim's corruption was one of the major reasons for their party's defeat in 2001 elections.

All this copied and pasted from DS. IF your uncle thought this was malicious and untruthful or if any one of your relatives thought the same then you people should have written a rejoinder to the daily asking them to explain it. Why on earth would you let someone defame you for no rhyme or reason ? There are also allegations that Mr Nasim was close to Mr Falu from BNP which helped the latter stay out of trouble during the AL rule and maybe he just returned the favour to his "brother from another mother" by trying to save his *** during the BNP rule. Still there were chargesheets submitted holding Mr nasim responsible for corruption. No one from AL has protested anything about Mr Nasim being detained on corruption charges which means they agree to it. In this age of lies and deception hypocrites like AL havent come out in support of Mr. Nasim when he is being charged, that itself seems like a huge proof of his involvement. Please Note AL has protested the detention of one of their other leaders though.

Unfortunately bribing is not legal so there is no "receipt" of the money changing hands. Otherwise I am sure I could have shown that to you too.
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