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Originally Posted by shujan
Ershad being an army stole billions from bangladeshi citizens. I do not trust any army power for a second. They give a false sense of peace. Once they grip the power then they become Ershad again.

Yes and No.

Today's Army is vastly different from that era. Today's Army is well travelled and posesses a global view which our politicians don't. Ershad's Army was led by thoroughly unprofessional, corrupt and indisciplined officers. But remember in the end it was the Army's refusal to protect Ershad braught about his downfall.

That said, it is off course not a good idea to keep the Army in present capacity for a prolonged period of time, say more than 18 to 24 months. Anything beyond that they are liable to become defacto politicians. But for now I don't see any other alternative.
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