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FWUllah apa: Legitimate questions. We only have a few videos from the recent Zimbabwe tour of Bangladesh, coutesy of Omio and his cell phone. That also included Scotland's video. Those have only been uploaded on YouTube, and we've been using YouTube for sharing some of the less-in-demand videos.
A couple of months ago, Arnab made an open call for multimedia requests. Admins have selectively updated the multimedia section by putting up videos from only whatever has been requested for.
One way for us to be able to get the most out of current technology is to help update everyone with YouTube videos by uploading it ourselves. That certainly is another reason why we made this call for videos/images/etc., just so that if anybody has anything but is unable to upload them to YouTube or other appropriate servers, we could help them with it.

Hope this answers your question

Miraz bhai: Great banner. Thanks for updating us with it. Similar work on posters would be much appreciated.

Question for others: If you have any IDEAS on posters (like what type of things you wanna see, and how you wanna see them), you could share it with us. You can publicly mention that, so that any member can pick that idea and do some work with it.
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