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During the anti Ershad time there is such anti Ershad and anti Moudud sentiment that people show up to the street without any provocation. People are coming in the street to protest Ershad any way they can. People are not divided along the party line.

Ershad is hard to remove. He is stealing billions from every sector of the government. He is sharing fraction of the income with the secretary and army officers to get backing. These power full positions made millions just letting Ershad stay in power. This is the introduction of corruption in massive scale in our political system. Corruption is not wide spread in top down level during Mujeeb, Zia and Sattar era. Those time has story of corruption but not in this massive scale as Ershad time.

Ershad is articulate, smart and intelligent. Intelligent people can be smart thieves. Intelligent people can make articulate dictator as well. Ershad style corruption is the corruption that Bangladeshi people are suffering from now. Ershad is the father of modern day corruption which is organized and is in top down level. They are very hard to remove as poison has spread in the vein.
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