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Originally Posted by Yameen
shAhriyar, u seem to know it all, so give me the proof which suggests my unc has taken all this so called me a receipt, i want to see it formyself, but am tellin u this, ma manz innocent, he has been checked before by the bnp goverment and not a single penny had been found..same will happen this time..100% sure..

rite, am goin bak to count ma dollars now..inabit..
When people start to give reciept for Black money. Most of the cases transaction is done in cash. So there is no paper trail. There was a news in ManavJamin back in 1999 or early 2000. Your Aunt took money in a 5 pound DANO can for transfering a police officer from Narshingdi to Dhaka. The police officer in question is one of my friend's uncle in law and I used to go to school with his son. They verify the truth but also say that they would deny everything. Your uncle's corruption for giving monopolistic right to World Tel on lucretive Dhaka land market is quite well known.
By the way, can you tell me what is his source of income to lead a lavish life? What kind of business he is in? What is the name of his business concern?
You may fool the ordinary farmers, fishermen giving this kind of logic. But not here.
Proving 'not guilty' does not mean 'innocent'?
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