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Originally Posted by gatekeeper

To specifically answer your concern-what other oprion did we have? We simply couldn't afford to let the country slip any further. At this point we don't have the luxury to ask these questions.
At this point we do not have the luxury to be lazy and not to ask these questions. This is the perfect time to ask the questions. This is the time to get answer. This is the time to be united in asking questions and getting results. Democracy requires work from citizen as well. A citizen should not hope their politicians to do the right thing if they themselves are lazy.

The option is simple. Do election on time. Election is the only way in democracy!! Beside election it is nothing but democracy. Our politicians have to participate in the poll on time and accept people's choice. Honest politicians understand that it is possible to serve country even as opposition.

Bangladeshi people have their responsibility to make sure honest people get to the government. Bangladeshi people need to encourage honest people to participate in the election and support them. We should not go for dhaner shish or nouka all the time. It is very simple, Bangladeshi people should vote for honest and smart people no matter what party they belong to. If 300 MP are honest that solves the entire problem. Bangladeshi people need to understand that solution is in their hand.
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