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Originally Posted by Banglatiger84
Sounds all very nice and warm, until one realizes that there may be other people , (in army?) who would gladly take their share while the black money is being "re-invested".

Do you know that any Taka that you carry into Bangladesh in excess of "500 Tk" is "black" and "illegal"?

What is legal is that you bring in a load of dollars and then risk being hijacked by converting it in a bank in the city. As a result I myself was the owner of "black money" when I brought in 3000 Taka

I am sure you know what kind of black money I am talking about. Money that doesnt belong to you or obtained through illegal means is black money. The 3000 taka you carried with you when you entered bangladesh will only be black money if you had earned it through dubious means in the first place.
If you think that freezing and trying to reinvest is not a good option because there might be other people who would take the money then we can never really recover. Such negative thoughts will not benefit us. I know you may be right but you must remember that all people are not corrupt. From what we see from this interim government is very positive and I doubt they will try to get their hands on money that might be recovered to reinvest for the development of the economy.
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