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Originally Posted by gatekeeper
People voted within the choices that were available to them. They cannot 'invent' candidates.
Then how come Dr. Kamal Hossain fail to win an election? He lost to a person who does not even has a school degree but he has 60 trucks. How can you explain this?

The fact that damocracy has been stolen from BD is an established fact, but who would you blame for it? Biut I for one don't anything to do with whatever it is that we had the last 15 years.
You do not have to activly do anything. It is fine to do what you are doing in your life. You may keep yourself informed about situation and when time come vote for the honest person you think out there.

I submit that there never has been Democracy in BD, never. Whatever form of it we've practicing has nearly bankrupted the country. These are all big words we (pseudo) intellectuals like to use, they have no baring on common folk's lives.
We let this thing happen. Bangladeshi people trust very quickly. We do not question. If it feels right we just go for it. This a weakness in our part. Smart people may take advantage of that.

I suggest we let he present govt. continue with this cleansing op., re-establish at least some of the agencies/institutions that have bee destroyed in the past 15 years then hold election NOT before that.
more likely past 25 years. You do not think Ershad destroyed our institutions?
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