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Originally Posted by shujan
Then how come Dr. Kamal Hossain fail to win an election? He lost to a person who does not even has a school degree but he has 60 trucks. How can you explain this?
I suggest you do a little research on Kamal Hossain before declaring him a good cadidate. I am not going to even discuss the skeletons in his closet but the mere fact that he's never been elected, even aughta tell you something. Academic Education alone does not make you a fit candidate, you have to be electable. People's choice IS the final verdict, whether you like it or not. Periond.

That said, off course I would like to see more educated people in parliament then truck owners. But it is not the people's fault. You're making the same mistake again and again. Choices are very very limited to the people. They're simly playing with the hand dealt to them.
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