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Originally Posted by shujan
1. You do not have to activly do anything. It is fine to do what you are doing in your life. You may keep yourself informed about situation and when time come vote for the honest person you think out there.

2. We let this thing happen. Bangladeshi people trust very quickly. We do not question. If it feels right we just go for it. This a weakness in our part. Smart people may take advantage of that.

3. more likely past 25 years. You do not think Ershad destroyed our institutions?
1. Again, we're going around in circles. Choices, what are their choices? Where are those GOOD candidates.

2. Yes we trust very quickly. No, we do question and act. When push comes to shove Bangaldeshis have always acted out their frustrations.

3. Sure, not only 25 years, it probably started in the begining, 1971. Off course Ershad is a criminal but he is only one piece in the puzzle. All of them contributed starting from Sheikh Mujib.
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