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Originally Posted by BangladeshFan
thanks rubu for the info. but i am not sure if that accurately reflects batsman ability because some of those batsmen have played most of their matches against zim, kenya or scotland while others played more against stronger opposition.

specially someone like sakib having av 40 while kapali or nafis iqbal having 19. kapali or nafis didnt have the luck to play against these minnows otherwise their av will have benefitted from it also. is it possible for you to come up with the same info but with their performance against top 8 teams? i think that will give us a better indication of ability.
I think if that were to be done, it would quite rightly remove our newcomers from the agenda.

But moreover, it would reflect even more embarrassingly on the likes of Bashar, Ashraful, Imran, Iqbal and co.
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