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Originally Posted by Rubu
BangladeshFan, you have a valid point. I would have done it, but its so hard to do, it would require some time. However, here is a different perspective that discourage me to do it: the likes of bashar, ash and others who played both against stronger and weaker team, does not have a recent boost in average. so, the players such as shakib and nafees are has the advantage of playing against weaker team, but that can't be the sole reason.
thats true, but i am not belittling the efforts of sakib or shahriar nafis etc. what i am saying these players who played most of their matches recently has got inflated averages because their is a big difference in quality between these teams and top 8.
the other confusing thing is zim or kenya even 3-4 years ago had much better teams than present, zim made super 6s in last 2 WC, kenya made it to semis in last one. now zim lost all their main players and kenya got weakened without proper competion and ICC support or funding.

thats why comparing performace against top 8 will give a better picture. and from thewatcher stat they look almost similar at 20. SN at 22. if we go by averages which is a good reflection of batsman ability, our batsmen are all nearly same, surprising!:p
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