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Talking about minnows, everyone had the chances to play against minnows. More or less, but everyone had. How many centuries we got from then at that time? None. This give a good indication of, if not anything else, temperament. And as you all know, talent without temperament is nothing, just nothing. If we had players who plays good against minnows before, we would not have lost to canada. It is also part of the game. And as Kabir rightly pointed out, Rana and rajin did not have this laxuray too much against playing minnows. Even Zim was stronger that time. Even more, if you go over the history, all the top 8 did not play the full strength team against us in many many occasions. meaning, those teams were not as good as they sound, still those players failed.

another argument can be done using comparison. The likes of Aftab/Hablu played better than Alok and Tushar against stronger teams. If that means that the first group is better than these two, then look at now: shahriar/shakib are performing better than than aftab/habibul/ash. So, if they were playing against stronger teams, they would probably still be doing good.

in summary, a lot of argument can be give for both side, but at the end, you would have to agree with me that rajin and rana would be better option for the team than alok and tushar. you may disagree today, but agree tomorrow.
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