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Default what the tri series squad should be...

i hear that the tri series against bermuda and canada will be in the carribean. now given the proxiity of the WC (both in space and time), will BCB just haul the WC 15 as the tri series squad?

i think, that because money is not an issue, they should put only those batsman who are in the WC 15 in the tri series squad. both mashrafee and shahadat should be rested. they've played a lot of cricket, and we don't need them against the likes of the teams we are playing (hell our spinners beat zimbabwe). we cannot afford injuries to the only 2 pacers who can both bowl at 135 kph and take wickets. thus mash and rajib must sit.

so what should our squad look like? i propose the following:

1) SN
2) rajin
3) aftab
4) saqib
5) bashar
6) ash
7) pilot/rahim
8) farhad
9) sharif
10) tapash
11) rasel

x) mehrab
X) tamim

this would be an ideal 13 probables for this up-coming circus.

farhad and aftab could open the bowling against the likes of canada and bermuda. then the spinners are saqib, rajin, and ash. with mehrab chipping in when/if he plays.

we should rest razzak and rafiq as we will need them in the WC
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