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Originally Posted by Sydney
are you for real??
i have actually never heard or known anyone supporting Brothers Union...
i mean not seriously...
may be Abahoni supporters rooting for BU when they playing against MSC or vice in general..

i didnt even know there were supporters for any other team except the greatest Abahoni and thier rival, the shi**iest team in the world, MSC.
Oh really? Have you ever been to any Brother's dhaka league football match(don't include MSC or Abahani in this list) in your life? I mean from mid 80's to early 90's. If so then you know the answer. Or go to Gopibag to find out the truth!! These BU fans may be a tiny number compared to MSC or Abahani but they are hardcore fans as well same like MSC/Abahani supporters.

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