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As I mentioned different group got different start times. Below is the exact timetable for the WC. For a time converter please visit or download a time converter software for free from here

Group A, St Kitts (all start 1330 GMT)
14 Australia v Scotland
16 Netherlands v South Africa
18 Australia v Netherlands
20 Scotland v South Africa
22 Netherlands v Scotland
24 Australia v South Africa
Group B, Trinidad (all start 1330 GMT except *)
15 Bermuda v Sri Lanka
17 Bangladesh v India
19 Bermuda v India
21 Bangladesh v Sri Lanka
23 India v Sri Lanka
25 Bangladesh v Bermuda (*starts 1430 BST)
GROUP C, St Lucia (all start 1330 GMT)
14 Canada v Kenya
16 England v New Zealand
18 Canada v England
20 Kenya v New Zealand
22 Canada v New Zealand
24 England v Kenya
Group D, Jamaica (all start 1430 GMT)
13 West Indies v Pakistan
15 Ireland v Zimbabwe
17 Ireland v Pakistan
19 West Indies v Zimbabwe
21 Pakistan v Zimbabwe
23 Ireland v West Indies
Super Eight (all start 1430 BST)
If any seeded team does not finish in the top two in their group, the non-seeded team qualifying will take their allotted place in the Super Eight fixture list.
27 D2 v A1, Antigua & Barbuda
28 A2 v B1, Guyana
29 D2 v C1, Antigua & Barbuda
30 D1 v C2, Guyana
31 A1 v B2, Antigua & Barbuda
1 D2 v B1, Guyana
2 B2 v C1, Antigua & Barbuda
3 D1 v A2, Guyana
4 C2 v B1, Antigua & Barbuda
7 B2 v A2, Guyana
8 A1 v C2, Antigua & Barbuda
9 D1 v C1, Guyana
10 D2 v A2, Grenada
11 C2 v B2, Barbados
12 B1 v C1, Grenada
13 A1 v D1, Barbados
14 A2 v C1, Grenada
15 B2 v D1, Barbados
16 A1 v B1, Grenada
17 A2 v C2, Barbados
18 D1 v B1, Grenada
19 D2 v B2, Barbados
20 A1 v C1, Grenada
21 D2 v C2, Barbados
24 Super Eight 2nd v 3rd, Jamaica (start 1545 BST)
25 Super Eight 1st v 4th, St Lucia (start 1445 BST)
28 Winner SF1 v Winner SF2, Barbados (start 1445 BST)

ওইখানে আমিও আছি /যেইখানে সূর্য উদয়/প্রিয়দেশ পাল্টে দেবো/তুমি আর আমি বোধহয়/কমরেড, তৈরি থেকো/গায়ে মাখো আলতা বরণ/আমি তুমি আমি তুমি/এভাবেই লক্ষ চরণ
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