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Once again, this is not complicated for users.

All you have to do is put your name as interested and wait to see if you win. You will be notified if you win.
Count me in though... and let a computer pick.
How would you do that? What if I say, this_guy won, and I used a computer? You have no way to know do you? This is pure luck for you.

As per someone else joining to ruin someone else, its all part of the game, and I think if someone joins, they will join to win not to ruin someone else, and that is what make it a lottery. You don't know who will join and what their join date is. And since new registers since today is not allowed to enter here, no one can create a new account to temper the result.

And, I have not added spitty and Miraz yet as they have not express the interest in joining the game.

If we go with whoever opens first, people will open now for the next month's WC. Take it as a game to spice up the start of WC.
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