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During the same Test Match, Brett Lee ordered spineless Aleem Dar to stand 15-20 feet behind the normal umpire's mark. Aleem complied for a few no-ball deliveries until he realized what Lee was doing. Aleem told Lee he could not stand that far away and monitor Lee's illegal deliveries. Ponting and Lee jumped on Aleem, another altercation on the field.

Later, Lee was declined a few LBW shouts from Aleem. So, what does Lee do? He throws a ball, aimed intentionally and directly at Aleem. The ball hit Aleem hard. Exactly on the spot where Aleem was trying to grow a spine. He was in considerable amount of pain. He's gonna need Tiger Balm on that spot every full moon.

Intimidating the match officials is one of many Aussie traditions. They are the best at it. Go Punters.
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