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Default Worries Against India..

Now we all know its a fact that Bangladesh can defeat anyone as Bangldesh have improved a lot. Talkin about India match on 17th. Inshallah we wil win it...Inshallah

But in Indian batting line up. My main worry is Dhoni. I dont give a damn about Sachin, Shewag, Ganguly as i feel it wld b difficult for us to make Dhoni out. Inshallah Sachin, Shewag, Ganguly will get bowled by Mashrafee, Rasel.

.........ya Dhoni aint gud against quality spin. So, lets hope Razzak gets on into his middle stump

Tokin about their bowling hope Pathan continuos his bad form into this particular match. but wht about Sreesanth? is he an obstacle..i dont noe much bout this guy....
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