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Default Members you miss .......

Sorry newbies, you won't have much to say in this threads. It is for those who has been here for a while and seen many people come and go. Some of them were very regular.

Here is a few I could think of. whom do you remember?

Rasel: with his doggy bow tie and Zo'loft jokes he used to be quite known here.
Unknown: used to be a 24/7, does not see him at all.
WIFAN: one of the first non-bangladeshi member. Used to write quite good.
Fab: Is/was a BC staff, I guess not 100% absent but very irregular now.
Sham: Man I miss him, without him Rana/Alok arguments are never the same.

I'm sure I will be able to dig up many more if I go through the list, but these are the ones that just jumps to mind.
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