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Default Bermuda should Bat first if they win toss against BD

Yes, Bermuda should BAT first if they win toss against Bangladesh in last match. By this, they can show their courage and support to BD by throwing and receiving challenges. How?

I hate to be negative but in case if BD lose to SL and IND wins against SL, this will all be calculated on NRR. In that case, Bangladesh must need to bat second to improve run rate which is obviously very difficult if BD bats first (don’t think it would be possible for BD to score around 400). Bermuda should know that if they can score 200, BD will take a chance to chase that in 20 to 25 overs. By this Bermuda can have a real chance to win the match if BD collapses. But if BD bat first, that would not be possible for BD to score 400 around which means BD may not take this chance. And by this Bermuda will loose their chance to win a game in WC. Also Bermuda should remember that BD will try to restrict them for small score if they bat first, which means, BD will over attack them and they may get a chance to make a good score.

Also Bermuda should remember that there is no credit in stopping Bangladesh from going to super 8. Rather they should try to win or allow BD to go to super 8. Bermuda should accept the challenge from BD by batting first. Asking BD to bat first may make the game simple e.g. BD will score 250+ and Bermuda will lose the game. In that case both Bermuda and Bangladesh will be frustrated. So, let Bermuda bat first and open the door for BD to take the challenges. If BD can do it, they will be in super 8 and in the process, Bermuda may get a shocking win over BD.
Did not Bangladesh support Bermuda cricket in different ways? We played the tri-series with them when the whole world was not ready to play with them. Will not they remember our support to them? Let Bermuda to show this friendly gesture to Bangladesh. Can anyone convey this message to Bermuda??
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