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Default Expectations against Bermuda from Bangladesh team

While everyone is busy analysing Srilanka-India match, let's talk about something where Bangladesh team can actually do something other than praying..

If India wins against Srilanka we are surely out of WC, but we can still make it a memorable WC by winning comprehensively against Bermuda.. Afterall, how many of us seriously thought that we would beat Newzeland, India this time?

I would say that a victory by over 120+ runs or 6-7 wickets will be a good one. I would also like to see Shahadat/Rajib coming into this match.. He would be a handful against weaker side, also it would be interesting to see his bowling speed..

Ashraful deserves to play higher up the order(despite his numerous failures before), he should swap with Aftab(who is a big hitter and will play better towards the last 10 overs).

Lastly, what if Bermuda surprises us with a victory? None of us are talking about it, we should not be too complacent, otherwise we might just get a rude awakening like we did against Canada last WC.

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