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Here is more news :
Avian influenza – better known as bird flu -- has been detected in samples from a poultry farm in Savar, the government said in a statement Thursday. The government rushed a special cabinet meeting where health adviser ASM Matiur Rahman and livestock adviser CS Karim broke the news that results of laboratory tests showed existence of the deadly virus of H5N1 in chickens in the farm. The government, however, asked the public not to panic. "There is no reason for any panic or concern. In fact, poultry birds and eggs can be consumed as usual through normal cooking," the official statement said quoting experts.

But personally, I doubt this deeply. How infected poultry can be consumed safely in our country? Because in our country chickens are handled by general people from market to the kitchen.......there is every possibility of getting infected during handling although cooking may kill the virus!!

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