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Default Strategies against Bermuda

Here are things I like to see Bangladesh team doing in the match against Bermuda-

Keep your feet on the ground: I hope DW will make sure players are not growing wings at this point. I like to see them playing like real pro's in this match.

Bat first, if you win the toss: Pitches in Queen's Park Oval seem to have dried up considerably over last one week. Early morning juice in the wicket don't seem to be a big factor anymore. Pitches are more batting friendly now.

Bring in Shahadat: As I said, wickets are now more drier, harder, and bouncier- good condition for Shahadat to make opposition batsmen uncomfortable with short pitched deliveries.

Lastly, stay safe boys, I am worried about a retaliation from some crazy Indian fan or from the betting syndicate.
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