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Default Team India & Billion Dollar Investments at Stake: How Honest are Our Players as an Individual?

India is facing World Cup Exit.
India’s fate is on the hands of the players of Bangladesh.
Billions of dollars of investment and revenues are at stake.
Bangladeshi players will decide the fate of the huge corporate investment in Cricket.

The dark force will do anything to save India, to save billions of dollars.
Millions of dollars will be flying around for those who are willing to compromise.

No one can buy the integrity of Team Bangladesh.
But an individual player can be compromised.
How honest are our players as an Individual?
Is their integrity strong enough to battle a million dollar offer?

I was looking eye on eye on each of these players individually.
I see youth, I see strength and integrity.
I hope I am seeing it right.

Dear Individual Member of Bangladesh Team,
The dark force of cricket is now behind you, following you all the time—looking for a moment of weakness.
Please don’t let us down.
জননী জন্মভূমিশ্চ স্বর্গাদপি গরিয়সী

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