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Originally Posted by Sydney
I would be honest here...
the question BB bhai has sarcastically tried to raise has very very important value..

after all, money talks.
and a million dollar?? it not only does talk..but gives flyin speeches...

with the evil hand of gambling industry reaching far beyond our wild imaginations...i wont be surprised if the players, esp Bashar, Mashrafee are "approached" by certain individuals at some point... we talking hundreds of millions of dollars at stake here...

but after looking at those pics, and looking each player in thier eyes.. and asking myself the question...

i can boldly say that our players are not gonna do that...
we are not that low.[edit]
Because we are the hattric champs of TI corruption index! Amra dhoa tulshi pata..eta vaba khubi vul hobey. Rather we should be careful, or ultimately suffer!
\"Dont glitter but shine on"\