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Thanks BB for raising this very valid but sensitive issue in modern day cricket. Before now, BD never played significants role unsettling bookies money making plan. No body should start blaming our players before they have done anything wrong. But it would be stupid for us not to keep in mind that there is a chance that there will another force trying to create pressure to our players. And we all know we are human beings, some are stronger and some are weaker in nature.

Upto now, we didn't have to deal with theses kind of issues. But now its important that the management take appropriate action and create shield so that the players are protected from any kind of outside pressure and corruption where lots of money is involved.

As fans, we should NOT start accusing players left and right without any evidence. We shouldn't blame players before they have done anything wrong. But on the other hand we shouldn't ignore this issue also as if it doesn't exist in modern day cricket where money dictate most of the things and the involvement of bookies.

So ignore these negative message BB. Thanks for raising this very sensitive but great point. As usual, some people will overreact to this sensitive issue without reading and trying to understand what you are trying to say. But I think you did a great service to BD cricket by appropriately raising this issue in right tone and at the right time.

Salute to you Boss !!!!